How it works


People from all over the world are getting more and more concerned about the environment and global warming. PLANT NOW is a global initiative and platform, battling the core problem of climate change, making the world greener and people climate friendly and carbon neutral.

What are we exactly doing?

We neutralize your carbon footprint by taking part in internationally certified climate projects. On top of this, we plant trees to combat global warming. As a PLANT NOW customer you will become climate friendly and carbon neutral, as you will be offsetting more emissions than your actual carbon footprint.

Why are we planting trees?

We strongly believe in trees! Trees are also the most efficient way to neutralize carbon from the atmosphere, which is why we plant trees for all our customers, without any cost. Our customers carbon footprint will be neutralized in internationally certified climate projects, so the carbon neutralization made in the future from our give away trees, is for our next generation and will make the world greener. We will plant one trees for every customer.

What is carbon footprint?

Carbon footprint is the carbon emissions of an individual, corporation or product. Calculations are calculated and neutralized on the basis of what an individual emits on average annually from emissions, according to EU calculations.

What does Climate friendly mean?

If you neutralize more carbon than you create/leave behind, you will become Climate Friendly. On top of this, you will be supporting green projects around the world and plant new trees to the benefit for future generations!

Do we have reputable partners?

Yes we have. PLANT NOW is supported by an increasing number of committed world citizens from all corners of the world. In addition, our customers include some of the world’s largest brands and companies. Our projects are of the highest international standard and the trees are planted in collaboration with Weforest, one of the world’s leading grassroots movements in the field of tree planting.

How can I be sure you do what you say?

Transparency is very important for us, so we always do our best to ensure all data is available.  On our website we have detailed information/data on our partners, projects and tree planting sites. If you require more information you are always welcome to contact us.

How can I be sure it is the right amount of Carbon that is neutralized?

When you choose a package, being ”Transport”, “Employees”, ”Personal” or ”Family”, you will neutralize the amount of carbon used by an average person. This means in theory, that some will neutralize more carbon than they actually use, and some will neutralize less. All in all, we will neutralize more carbon than is actually needed and on top of this, we plant trees which give an even higher score.

How do we select projects?

We select projects that get the highest third part verifications and rely on expertise from the world’s leading scientist on climate issues.

How often do you neutralize carbon?

The most cost effective way and for administrative reasons, we neutralize our customers carbon footprint in the first quarter once a year. This allows us to gather bigger amounts and do greater impact in bigger projects. In reality, this allows certain customers to subscribe for a year before the actual carbon is neutralized, as for others (and most) it will be done rather soon.

Can I choose myself what projects to support?

No, you are participation in the same projects as others, due to cost-effective consideration. However, companies can get tailor made projects.

Where does the money go and how much stay with PLANT NOW?

It all depends on the actual product package. Smaller packages leave practical nothing behind, when the cost of planting trees and carbon offsetting has been deducted; where as larger customers will leave a margin for investment in future projects and awareness of our mission.  We do try our best to generate a profit.

What kind of impact do I make?

You will make a great impact. Your carbon footprint will be neutralized and you will plant trees to the benefit of future generations. You will take part in a green movement that will change the world, supporting climate projects and sustainable development. The projects will help developing countries with clean energy, improved air and water quality, job creation and welfare, so yes, your impact is great.

Can I deduct this from my taxes?

Yes – as a company, but not as an individual. But you will be making a great impact for future generations.