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The future is green – Explore the opportunities in climate friendly projects and take advantage of all the positive benefits and great impact this will do for your business.

Video from tree planting project in collaboration with Norwegian in 2017.

Let us inspirer you ……

Climate friendly products

Making your product(s) carbon neutral and climate friendly will attract new consumers and market shares in a competitive global market where climate and environmental issues take headlines.

Climate friendly employees

Making your employees carbon neutral and by removing there carbon footprint attracts new employees and retain the right people.

Climate friendly events

Making your event climate friendly will be something your guest will remember and appreciate, as more and more people around the globe are concerned about the climate and environment.

Climate friendly transport

Making your transport carbon neutral is an ideal way of advertising your company’s green policy and social responsibility.

Climate friendly websites

Making your website carbon neutral is a step in the right direction and a quick, simple and easy way to go green.

Make your company, your employees or yourself CLIMATE FRINDLY.

The easiest and most effective way to neutralize your company’s carbon emissions.

Neutralize your company’s carbon emissions on transportation in an internationally certified climate project and help combat climate change.


Neutralize your employees’ carbon emissions in an internationally certified climate project and help fight climate change.


What our clients say:

“We are very pleased with the partnership with Global Climate Institute. Norwegian has an ambition to continuously reduce our environmental impact through various green initiatives. Tree planting is one of these initiatives, and in this context we have chosen GCI as our partner. Together we will plant thousands of trees around the world. We look forward to continuing the good partnership in the future.” Daniel Kirchhoff – Communications Manager, Norwegian Denmark

“It is important that you want to support and help fight climate changes, but that’s not enough in itself. In fact, one should act and support actively. We work with sustainable energy solutions in electricity, heat, biogas and transport, so sustainability is an integral part of our DNA. Therefore, it is also natural for us to support a tree planting project that benefits both locals, art and the climate accounts. In this way, we contribute to creating a more sustainable future for the benefit of all.” Karen Marie Jensen, Communications Manager and Public Affairs, E.ON Denmark

“WoodMe provides watches for people who want to show an attitude to the style and environment of the world we live in. The value of a tree is not only to know the time, but to be aware of the need to have time to count. Through a strong and successful partnership, Global Climate Institute allows us to contribute to a greener world.” Kim Mathiasen – Founder, WoodMe

“The partnership with GCI was really good and efficient, we were under pressure and they were incredibly flexible to meet our needs. Our sales and marketing campaign has been a great success, with great demand from our customers for the products that were included in the partnership with GCI.”  Tanja Gregersen – Owner, Miild A/S

“We have made an active decision to contribute to a better environment by making our website carbon neutral. We appreciated GCI’s efforts to make it possible.” Anders P. Christensen, CEO

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