We are a green brand.

PLANT NOW is a sub-brand in the GLOBAL CLIMATE INSTITUTE family. We are a worldwide initiative, engaging in climate projects all around the world, protecting our rainforests, re-establishing forest areas, developing and implementing renewable energy sources and green initiatives, offsetting carbon emissions and participating in environmental projects to protect our oceans.

We are politically independent and strongly believe that the world’s environmental problems cannot, and will not, be solved only at a political level, but rather by the many voices from all corners of the globe. We believe it is only natural that we all act and take responsibility in the re-establishment and protection of our rainforests to keep our climate in balance on this amazing planet we all call home.

PLANT NOW is a global project which aims to promote and create new and innovative green solutions and environmental projects around the world. We believe this can only be achieved with a global commitment, which is why our projects are found in every corner of the world. Our head office is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, one of the frontiers on green technology and innovative solutions on creating a green future.

Our customers range from global brands to national companies and individuals.